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The Changing Face of Beauty

Almost without exception, everyone involved in the beauty industry today, knows that it is not only one of the fastest growing sectors, but also one of the fastest changing and evolving, across all market sectors worldwide.

This presents, of course. tremendous opportunities, but also threats; and it is how responsive we are to these changes, that will determine our fate, business wise, over the next few years and beyond.

The same issues have faced most trade sectors at some stage or another – the industrial revolution changed manufacturing; the emergence of the global supply chain, as a result of easier communications and transportation, amongst other factors, re-located manufacturing. The development of digital technology, in particular, has transformed the world in which we live and work, and has brought giants in industry, to their knees, virtually overnight; whilst agile and innovative new businesses – often with young and relatively inexperienced, but responsive and insightful founders, have risen to achieve financial success hitherto impossible to imagine, within such short time frames.

The beauty sector has within the last century of its rise, been relatively stable and unaffected by financial and industrial movements. There have been lulls when the economy is suffering, but that has, to some degree been counterbalanced by the ‘lipstick factor’ where people (historically women) have continued to splash out on their ‘beauty treats’ to cheer themselves up in times of austerity. This is a service sector and it has served to make people feel better about themselves and to look better. So far, so good; and so it continues, with one huge difference – it has now been affected by the technological revolution, and like all such sectors so affected before it, the survivors will be those who recognise that the pace of change is rapid and won’t wait for those who want to meander and feel their way.

Immediacy is everything these days. Time waits for no-one, and whereas the beauty sector has been able to buck that trend as it has traditionally housed a plethora of sanctuaries providing calming, escapist treatments, where time pressures do not intrude, the irony is that those havens of retreat have now themselves also been irrevocably affected by the changed, frenetic, new world. This has partly been driven by consumer demand (from the media and celebrity culture that pervades) and partly by the economic realities of profit margins and competition. The beauty sector has been a comparatively easy one to enter, and, as such, competition has mounted over the years, with each new college leaver bringing fresh talent and skills in massage, nail art, make up etc. Wonderful skills – but plentiful skills; and so, given the forces of supply and demand in the free market economy, skills which are incapable of achieving a high price tag by virtue of the increasing glut of supply. Beauty salons have sought to outperform each other by offering a more ambient environment, the little luxuries like fresh coffee and chocolates or even champagne, and special offers. But they have often been fighting for survival as high street rent and rates, staff costs, and Groupon deals make life difficult. Even mobile therapists without the same overheads struggle to survive as more unemployed beauty therapists try their hand at self employment. There will undoubtedly always be a demand for the traditional beauty treatments such as massage, nails, and make up. But the industry was already reaching a point of saturation. However, with the emergence of new technology and a demand for results- driven treatments, fresh opportunities have been created, but only for those who embrace them and with speed.

Health, fitness, longevity of life and looking and feeling good are high on the agenda of many of us, in the more developed world at least. The holy grail of eternal youth is seeming closer with each passing year. It started out tentatively and then dubiously as invasive cosmetic surgery was used experimentally on our faces and bodies. We have now emerged from that exploratory period to arrive at a position where incredible facial and body improvements can be achieved safely, comfortably and naturally; and of course most of us want some of this!

We are in a position now where the demand is outstripping the supply for genuine, results-driven anti-ageing treatments; and now is the perfect time to capitalise on this opportunity to provide what is increasingly being regarded as a necessity for not only women but a substantial number of men.

Technology has arrived at our door and if we close that door shut we could be cutting off our blood supply. It has happened in most sectors to date and lessons have been learned. You may think that you cannot afford to invest in equipment that will help transform your business but you can’t afford not to. There are finance schemes and rental schemes available and even commission sharing arrangements; what you can’t do is ignore what is happening in this industry if you want to stay in it.

SkinFirst have the latest and safest hair removal and anti-ageing equipment and we use independent specialists to provide flexible finance options. Our training and support is second to none and we are here to help you take your business forward.

Please call us or email now to discuss which of our systems would be right for you, and how easily it could pay for itself. You can be sure that if you don’t, there will be a nearby competitor who will be waiting in the wings to service those clients, and that in the years to come those who take action now in response to the industry changes will be those who have thrived not died. We don’t usually speak morbidly, as we are constantly enthused by the advances in technology in this industry; but we know that if we don’t highlight the dangers of inaction, you won’t be around to share our enthusiasm. We look forward to helping you.

The SkinFirst Team

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Client Testimonials

I would like to thank Cathy and her Staff for the excellent service they provide for clients who would just like to feel pampered after a hard day in work. I have enjoyed the experience of Radio Frequency on my face and chest I have felt completely at ease and Relaxed with my treatment. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my 5 courses I’ve had with Hannah and would recommend the treatment to my friends. I have to say. Unexpectancy I’ve had comments of how I am looking really well and looking Younger!! Which I have felt very pleasing and Happy. So I wish to thank you all at SkinFirst.

I have very dark hair and have always been very conscious of it. I started to have the laser hair removal treatment firstly to my underarms. After only two sessions I was so impressed with the results. My hair was virtually gone! As a result I now have three areas treated. It is truly a fantastic treatment and leaves your skin not only hair free but baby smooth. Furthermore, the service you will receive is both informative and highly professional. After years of waxing and sugaring I have now found a hair removal treatment that I would whole heartedly recommend.

I have always had my underarms waxed but decided to try laser hair removal instead. After only one treatment I was surprised at how few hairs grew back. I have just completed my fourth treatment and can’t really see any remaining hairs. But i will finish my course of 6 to ensure that all hairs have been removed as my therapist (Cathy) told me that there are some hairs that may not be in the active growing phase which could still come through. I am delighted with the results and will definitely keep my standing order going until I have done my bikini line and then maybe even my legs.

I have always had poor skin tone and a red blotchy face, which was diagnosed as Rosacea 3 years ago. I have been prescribed antibiotics orally and taken topical medication which helped a little with the postules but did not really have significantly noticeable results; and I don’t like to take antibiotics longer term. I was therefore delighted to find that the light based treatment at SkinFirst was able to help my condition. My cheeks are much less flushed and my nose has improved markedly, and that is only at the half way stage of my full course. I would recommend this treatment to anyone else who has rosacea.

My treatment at SkinFirst, at The Village in Warrington, was quick, easy and I was very happy with the result. I had an unsightly cluster of small red veins on my face and they have now gone completely.

After having spent years having my bikini line waxed, I can’t believe that I had not discovered laser hair removal before. No more pain, and a fantastic result with no stubble growing back. I am now going to have my underarms done, and then my legs. I have decided to pay using the monthly easy budget option which is great, because I can still take advantage of the course discounts without having to pay up front for everything.

I would like to thank you for the improvements to my general skin condition. Many people have commented about how well I am looking and I feel like I look several years younger at least. It has given me a boost of confidence, and I think I am going to tackle my thread veins next.

I was amazed that the sun spots on my hands disappeared following a course of treatments by SkinFirst. I expected them to perhaps go a little lighter but not to go completely. There was the added benefit that my skin felt much softer too. My hands were a give away to my age and I now feel so much happier about showing them off!

As a Clinical Scientist, I recently carried out training with the staff of SkinFirst at Warrington and was most impressed with the new ‘Super MPL Combi’ machine they have installed. This new technology uses a combination of Intense Pulsed Light and Radiofrequency making the treatments effective at lower levels of energy than would normally be the case. This makes the treatments safer and more comfortable for the clients.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the treatment I recently received at SkinFirst in Warrington. I had a prominent blood vessel on the side of my nose which has now completely gone. I hardly felt anything during the treatment which only took a few moments. This bothersome blood vessel had been previously treated at another clinic using a different type of laser which was not only painful but did not completely remove the problem – it came back. I would certainly recommend SkinFirst for anyone with a similar problem.

I have only compliments to say, having had beauty treatments for many years Skinfirst has to be the most professional, confident, competent and comfortable to date. I wish you and you company every success and I will certainly be recommending you in the future.

I felt nervous but felt a ease straight away. I had a lot of questions which were always answered. Saw great results after 2 treatments, I would recommend SkinFirst to my friends.

I have always felt very welcome when visiting the clinic. The service was excellent and I am very pleased with how quickly I got results.

Excellent introduction, I was put as ease and the course was clearly explained. Very professional, I felt that June gave that little extra in my treatment. I have used many treatments and anti-biotics with little or no improvement over a 35 years period. The results during and at the end of the course of 6 treatments goes beyond my expectations. My only wish is that I had done this 30 years ago. My thanks and gratitude to all at SkinFirst.

Wonderful night, extremely informative. Friendly girls with lots of advice, thank you very much to you all and see you all again soon.

I have found my skin tone improved immensely and my skin felt moisturized and hydrated, I would definitely recommend SkinFirst to my friends.

I am so impressed with the treatment and love the way that it works in a non-aggressive manner. From previous laser hair sessions I was always left with burnt, damaged hair and slight skin redness and scabbing following a treatment which looked unsightly for a couple of weeks whilst the hair was worked out of the skin. Your treatment worked without any of these nasty side effects… really impressed!

I had a Radio Frequency treatment and I couldn’t believe my husband even noticed! He said it looked a lot smoother and tighter around the jaw line and on the cheek area and he said it looked younger! The results are amazing, I can’t believe that was after only one treatment!

I was a little nervous about coming in for a treatment as I’ve never had anything like this before, but I was put at ease immediately. I can honestly say I really enjoyed the whole experience – Natalie was lovely, and very understanding. I was having laser hair removal on my bikini and she was so professional and I hardly felt anything. It was 2 weeks ago and I have already seen an amazing result with patches where there is no hair. I will definitely be booking in for my underarms and legs now I know how good the results are. Thanks so much and I wish I had done this ages ago!

Results were fantastic – even after a couple of sessions.
It’s like a miracle! No longer do I have to shave thick black hairs on a daily basis.

Thoroughly professional atmosphere and treatments.

For the first time in years I don’t have to wear make-up. I have had spots for most of my life and can’t believe how my skin looks now. Thanks so much!

I would definitely recommend the laser hair removal given by SkinFirst. It has completely changed my life. The service is excellent, staff very friendly and I have complete confidence in them.

I have fair skin & dark hair, after having just four sessions of the SkinFirst MPL machine. I have seen such a difference, the hair growth has slowed down so much I hardly have to shave, on some area’s like my underarms and bikini line there is no hair there any more, Its permanently gone!

Thank you so much for such a reasonable priced treatments, such good response.

My Birthday was coming up so I wanted a special treat for myself. So I called Skin First. I was welcomed with a warm reception and a glass of cold champagne.

I must admit I felt a little nervous, but everything was explained to me and I was soon looking forward to having a treatment done.My skin felt so much better and softer and I certainly saw an improvement in my skin.

I would recommend a visit to Skin First to everyone. I’m looking forward to my next appointment.

I go here for my MPL face laser treatment and I have to say Izzy is amazing! Pain free and you feel like your getting a mini facial! I love it and will always to go to SkinFirst.

Warm, comfortable surroundings and amazing treatment!

I highly recommend SkinFirst. It’s a lovely place, they make you feel really comfortable and provide all the info you need. I’m definitely going back for more treatments!

I love the results I am getting from their hair removal treatment! It does not hurt and the results can be seen straight away! Millie is amazing and the advice received is extremely useful. I would obviously recommend it to anyone wanting to get rid off any unwanted hair.

Absolutely amazing! Izzy is a credit – makes each visit brilliant by caring and making sure you’re well looked after. Can’t wait for my 4th visit in December! Thanks so much for each treatment. It’s lovely and clean & relaxing environment. Highly recommend to anyone.

I have been going to Skinfirst for a couple of months now and would highly recommend them. The dual radio frequency works absolute wonders on your face and is so relaxing. My skin is much more smooth, and so much more youthful looking, lines are far less obvious. Hair removal is so effective, very happy with legs and bikini. All treatments are very competitively priced.

Millie is so friendly, professional and puts you at ease straight away. The whole environment is very relaxing. I will continue to use Skinfirst on a regular basis. Thank you so much Millie.

The laser hair removal I’m having will be truly life changing when it’s complete, and my first radio frequency tonight was wonderful – can’t recommend it enough! Lovely staff and premises too, always enjoy my visits.

From the moment I walked through the door Millie put me at ease! The atmosphere is calm and relaxing, Millie is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

The best bit? The laser hair removal is quick, painless and works! Can’t recommend it highly enough!

First visit to SkinFirst, so impressed with my facial by Izzy.

So relaxing, lovely welcome. Thank you x

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