Which technology is best for hair removal and anti-aging

Baffled by Choice?

Baffled by Choice?

• There are so many machines available – which is best value?
• How do I know I am going to make money – what is the market like now?
• Who can I trust? Sales people all claim their equipment is superior.
• Why are some machines so much more expensive than others?
• Could I buy off the internet and save money?
• Can I avoid investing in aesthetic technology and still do well?
• It’s a big investment and I am baffled by the choices so maybe I should just sit tight?

These are the kind of thoughts that run through the minds of many of our potential clients.
The beauty industry has changed unrecognisably over the last decade and particularly so over the last 5 years. It is still evolving and new technology is being brought to market every year, but the mask has been lifted and knowledge is abounding so that at least the practitioner can begin to dissect the rhetoric, and draw meaningful distinctions between the myriad of seemingly similar claims that range from the grounded (in evidence and theory) to the completely unfounded in both.

How many times have you heard that a certain technology, or even a cream, promotes (sometimes described even as produces) new collagen for example? Or that a product (equipment, topical, or oral) is rejuvenating or diminishes lines or removes pigmentation or stretch marks? Why would you pay £15K for an investment in technology when you could pay a fraction of that for products (say cosmecuetical serums or peels) to do the ‘same’? Why would you invest in a hair removal machine if you can buy one at the town centre pharmacy for £350? Is it a question of ‘you get what you pay for’? Or are some things over-priced and not worth paying for – are you really lining the pockets of business owners capitalising on a trend or growth sector?

Well. there is some truth in some aspects of many of these concerns:

• By and large you do get what you pay for. However this comes with a big proviso that this general dictum is certainly not always applicable! Many items of equipment have a price tag that reflects the high cost of marketing and brand promotion, high salaries and commissions, and other overheads, rather than being a more accurate reflection of the worth of the combined product and service offering. It is not unknown in the industry that some sales reps are allowed to charge what they like (aka can get away with) and the more they charge the more commission they make.

Obviously it is a fact of business that overheads and commissions (in some cases) and other direct and indirect costs are necessary for survival, but if you want value for your buck then it does not always follow that the higher the price, the higher the quality of product or more attentive the service. There are a host of factors making up the cost of the goods you buy.

• The converse adage: ‘If something seems too good to be true, it probably is’ should be taken seriously in this arena of aesthetics. There are people today making money in the beauty industry on the back of claims that are never able to be fulfilled – based on the physical and biological impossibility of the equipment or methodology they are applying. Yet they have either believed the unscrupulous hype (although in fairness, sometimes borne out of ignorance on the part of both the seller and purchaser), or they have chosen to capitalise on the market opportunities, taking a short term view.

We know of someone who has bought a gadget off eBay for £100 which is supposed to eradicate facial lines and he sells the treatments at £100/time. He seems convinced himself that the results of the ‘before and after’ pictures supplied by the vendor can be achieved, or is that to salve his conscience? – as there is no way, based on the technical capabilities of that gadget, that any genuine results are achievable in line with his marketing spiel. That is one option for a short lived business but let’s hope you can fool enough people for long enough if that is the route you choose! It is not one we would advocate.

Similarly, we have lost count of the number of people we have come across who have bought hair removal machines (IPL) from stores for a few hundred pounds, to be surprised at the length of time they take to administer and the fact that any minor reduction in hair is temporary at best.

Another example of unfulfilled expectations can be seen from the practice of one well known company which claims they can achieve permanent hair reduction using IPL on black skins without even any radio frequency or assisted heat. For those of you who know a little more about the technology, have a think how this could be – or not be achieved, as is the case!

But how does the average salon owner recognise the reality from the myth without a comprehensive technical understanding? Our advice would be to get some understanding before investing. This can be explained simply and should be done without undue bias or sales pressure by the reputable suppliers in the industry. But we all know how hard it is to remain unbiased when we are trying to make a living. You too will relate to this in your own business – if a client comes in and wants to have an Elemis facial and you offer Decleor, would you endeavour to emphasise the benefits of your own facials or just send them to the salon down the road? So we suggest you gather as much up to date independent information as you can. ‘Up to date’ is key, as many beauty colleges and private training companies, are struggling to keep pace and courses have often been written up historically and adapted slowly. Books are out of date before they are published. The internet and forums are as up to date as you can get (IPL hair removal machine reviews etc.) and they are dynamic, but be careful as they are also the domain of many amateur ‘specialists’.

But if you gather your info from as many sources as possible and speak to a number of suppliers you should be able to increase your knowledge and make an informed decision, recognising or working out the inconsistent or irrelevant. We have a couple of events coming up in September in London and Cheshire, if you want to get background info that you can then verify or build on, when doing your own research.

• I don’t know about you, but these days we get about 6 emails a day from ‘manufacturers’ of very cheap machines, that are distance selling. Many of these companies also sell on the internet or are now dominating the search pages. Some are agents of manufacturers and most notable by the fact they are all offering the same machines; others are opportunists and some may be genuine manufacturers of varying reliability and quality.

There are some hazards in dealing with companies who are unknown and unproven in the industry, from an obvious safety perspective. But even if the machines are safe and suitable for purpose, this is just one aspect to be considered as many who have bought off the internet have come to learn. Training and support to ensure continuity of service and safe practice are essential when dealing with light and heat based products – in order to get results and to sustain them whilst operating safely and knowledgeably.

If the machine develops a fault whether inherent or from inaccurate usage, are you able to wait for weeks,  maybe even months, or never, for the machine to be repaired? Are your clients? Your reputation, in a service orientated business, is everything. If the investment you are considering is likely to affect this, then think very carefully if you want to stay in business.

• We often get asked how the industry is faring (as we also run our own clinics). You will know from the media (magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, internet etc) that the non invasive aesthetics industry is a huge growth sector despite the general state of the economy. It is a sign of our times, that in the developed world where our basic hierarchy of needs has been met, that we aspire to look and feel younger.

We are also at that juncture in time where scientific discoveries have made possible things that were previously not – in terms of cell re-generation, permanent disabling of hair follicles, ingredients that can travel further into the dermal layers, technologies that can interact safely with skin tissue to eradicate unwanted marks and blemishes; and if these things are affordable then there is clearly a big market for them.

However that is not to say that you will make a huge success of a business simply by buying a piece of equipment. Business is business; and if you have the best machine in the world, but it sits in the corner of your salon and no-one knows it is there, you will not make money. Marketing is key as is knowing your intended market. Do you want to go down the cheap deal route – we recommend not for all sorts of reasons. So if your competition are doing this you will have to differentiate yourself in other ways. It can be done and is being done by the most successful companies. If you are unable to offer luxurious surroundings and can’t afford staff due to a lack of resources – financial and other, then you have to be creative in other ways – in promoting complementary packages and expertise that your competitors are not marketing. There are all sorts of ways to run a business and to assess whether you are going to make good money by investing in a hair removal and anti-ageing system, you have to consider your overall commitment levels and capability, as the tools are available but you have to use them.

• What we have all seen is that the industry has moved in a direction from where there is no return. Concorde may have been withdrawn from service (as indeed some extreme cosmetic treatments have fallen out of favour) but planes will not stop being used to transport us to places we could only dream of generations ago. The same is true of beauty and aesthetics: we will not settle for the sun damaged, aged look, when we can easily take years off our appearance, safely and comfortably; we will not continue with the tweezing or waxing week and month in and out, when there are more permanent solutions for unwanted hair removal.

Non invasive aesthetic treatments are now non negotiable in terms of the clients’ wish list – and they are becoming mainstream. The beauty industry is awash with therapists all trying to make a living in one of the most competitive industries. There are few if any barriers to entry in this profession so it has been easy to set up as a mobile therapist or even possible to set up a salon without too much capital, in the past. But it has not been so easy to make money, given there is plenty of supply in relation to the demand for traditional beauty treatments. Now things have changed: a chasm is being created between those who are recognising that our industry has taken a quantum leap forward – like the computer and mobile phone industry before us, and there will be winners and losers. The winners will not be those who don’t embrace the new opportunities.

It is time to quickly re-evaluate where you want to go and how you are going to get there in this brave new world. If you feel excited by the prospects now open to you both professionally and financially then please contact us. If you are feeling apprehensive and worried for your survival going forward, take a more optimistic and proactive stance remembering the words of Winston Churchill:

‘A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty’

Your attitude and your actions are going to be the most likely predictors of your success than what machine you buy (although that goes completely against the grain for me to admit it – as we firmly believe our machines are best in class!) Imagine the combination of both though! We’re here to provide our contribution to your success.

Please phone us on 01925 446688 if you would like us to visit to explain and demonstrate our technology or if you would like to attend one of our information days.

Client Testimonials

I would like to thank Cathy and her Staff for the excellent service they provide for clients who would just like to feel pampered after a hard day in work. I have enjoyed the experience of Radio Frequency on my face and chest I have felt completely at ease and Relaxed with my treatment. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my 5 courses I’ve had with Hannah and would recommend the treatment to my friends. I have to say. Unexpectancy I’ve had comments of how I am looking really well and looking Younger!! Which I have felt very pleasing and Happy. So I wish to thank you all at SkinFirst.

I have very dark hair and have always been very conscious of it. I started to have the laser hair removal treatment firstly to my underarms. After only two sessions I was so impressed with the results. My hair was virtually gone! As a result I now have three areas treated. It is truly a fantastic treatment and leaves your skin not only hair free but baby smooth. Furthermore, the service you will receive is both informative and highly professional. After years of waxing and sugaring I have now found a hair removal treatment that I would whole heartedly recommend.

I have always had my underarms waxed but decided to try laser hair removal instead. After only one treatment I was surprised at how few hairs grew back. I have just completed my fourth treatment and can’t really see any remaining hairs. But i will finish my course of 6 to ensure that all hairs have been removed as my therapist (Cathy) told me that there are some hairs that may not be in the active growing phase which could still come through. I am delighted with the results and will definitely keep my standing order going until I have done my bikini line and then maybe even my legs.

I have always had poor skin tone and a red blotchy face, which was diagnosed as Rosacea 3 years ago. I have been prescribed antibiotics orally and taken topical medication which helped a little with the postules but did not really have significantly noticeable results; and I don’t like to take antibiotics longer term. I was therefore delighted to find that the light based treatment at SkinFirst was able to help my condition. My cheeks are much less flushed and my nose has improved markedly, and that is only at the half way stage of my full course. I would recommend this treatment to anyone else who has rosacea.

My treatment at SkinFirst, at The Village in Warrington, was quick, easy and I was very happy with the result. I had an unsightly cluster of small red veins on my face and they have now gone completely.

After having spent years having my bikini line waxed, I can’t believe that I had not discovered laser hair removal before. No more pain, and a fantastic result with no stubble growing back. I am now going to have my underarms done, and then my legs. I have decided to pay using the monthly easy budget option which is great, because I can still take advantage of the course discounts without having to pay up front for everything.

I would like to thank you for the improvements to my general skin condition. Many people have commented about how well I am looking and I feel like I look several years younger at least. It has given me a boost of confidence, and I think I am going to tackle my thread veins next.

I was amazed that the sun spots on my hands disappeared following a course of treatments by SkinFirst. I expected them to perhaps go a little lighter but not to go completely. There was the added benefit that my skin felt much softer too. My hands were a give away to my age and I now feel so much happier about showing them off!

As a Clinical Scientist, I recently carried out training with the staff of SkinFirst at Warrington and was most impressed with the new ‘Super MPL Combi’ machine they have installed. This new technology uses a combination of Intense Pulsed Light and Radiofrequency making the treatments effective at lower levels of energy than would normally be the case. This makes the treatments safer and more comfortable for the clients.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the treatment I recently received at SkinFirst in Warrington. I had a prominent blood vessel on the side of my nose which has now completely gone. I hardly felt anything during the treatment which only took a few moments. This bothersome blood vessel had been previously treated at another clinic using a different type of laser which was not only painful but did not completely remove the problem – it came back. I would certainly recommend SkinFirst for anyone with a similar problem.

I have only compliments to say, having had beauty treatments for many years Skinfirst has to be the most professional, confident, competent and comfortable to date. I wish you and you company every success and I will certainly be recommending you in the future.

I felt nervous but felt a ease straight away. I had a lot of questions which were always answered. Saw great results after 2 treatments, I would recommend SkinFirst to my friends.

I have always felt very welcome when visiting the clinic. The service was excellent and I am very pleased with how quickly I got results.

Excellent introduction, I was put as ease and the course was clearly explained. Very professional, I felt that June gave that little extra in my treatment. I have used many treatments and anti-biotics with little or no improvement over a 35 years period. The results during and at the end of the course of 6 treatments goes beyond my expectations. My only wish is that I had done this 30 years ago. My thanks and gratitude to all at SkinFirst.

Wonderful night, extremely informative. Friendly girls with lots of advice, thank you very much to you all and see you all again soon.

I have found my skin tone improved immensely and my skin felt moisturized and hydrated, I would definitely recommend SkinFirst to my friends.

I am so impressed with the treatment and love the way that it works in a non-aggressive manner. From previous laser hair sessions I was always left with burnt, damaged hair and slight skin redness and scabbing following a treatment which looked unsightly for a couple of weeks whilst the hair was worked out of the skin. Your treatment worked without any of these nasty side effects… really impressed!

I had a Radio Frequency treatment and I couldn’t believe my husband even noticed! He said it looked a lot smoother and tighter around the jaw line and on the cheek area and he said it looked younger! The results are amazing, I can’t believe that was after only one treatment!

I was a little nervous about coming in for a treatment as I’ve never had anything like this before, but I was put at ease immediately. I can honestly say I really enjoyed the whole experience – Natalie was lovely, and very understanding. I was having laser hair removal on my bikini and she was so professional and I hardly felt anything. It was 2 weeks ago and I have already seen an amazing result with patches where there is no hair. I will definitely be booking in for my underarms and legs now I know how good the results are. Thanks so much and I wish I had done this ages ago!

Results were fantastic – even after a couple of sessions.
It’s like a miracle! No longer do I have to shave thick black hairs on a daily basis.

Thoroughly professional atmosphere and treatments.

For the first time in years I don’t have to wear make-up. I have had spots for most of my life and can’t believe how my skin looks now. Thanks so much!

I would definitely recommend the laser hair removal given by SkinFirst. It has completely changed my life. The service is excellent, staff very friendly and I have complete confidence in them.

I have fair skin & dark hair, after having just four sessions of the SkinFirst MPL machine. I have seen such a difference, the hair growth has slowed down so much I hardly have to shave, on some area’s like my underarms and bikini line there is no hair there any more, Its permanently gone!

Thank you so much for such a reasonable priced treatments, such good response.

My Birthday was coming up so I wanted a special treat for myself. So I called Skin First. I was welcomed with a warm reception and a glass of cold champagne.

I must admit I felt a little nervous, but everything was explained to me and I was soon looking forward to having a treatment done.My skin felt so much better and softer and I certainly saw an improvement in my skin.

I would recommend a visit to Skin First to everyone. I’m looking forward to my next appointment.

I go here for my MPL face laser treatment and I have to say Izzy is amazing! Pain free and you feel like your getting a mini facial! I love it and will always to go to SkinFirst.

Warm, comfortable surroundings and amazing treatment!

I highly recommend SkinFirst. It’s a lovely place, they make you feel really comfortable and provide all the info you need. I’m definitely going back for more treatments!

I love the results I am getting from their hair removal treatment! It does not hurt and the results can be seen straight away! Millie is amazing and the advice received is extremely useful. I would obviously recommend it to anyone wanting to get rid off any unwanted hair.

Absolutely amazing! Izzy is a credit – makes each visit brilliant by caring and making sure you’re well looked after. Can’t wait for my 4th visit in December! Thanks so much for each treatment. It’s lovely and clean & relaxing environment. Highly recommend to anyone.

I have been going to Skinfirst for a couple of months now and would highly recommend them. The dual radio frequency works absolute wonders on your face and is so relaxing. My skin is much more smooth, and so much more youthful looking, lines are far less obvious. Hair removal is so effective, very happy with legs and bikini. All treatments are very competitively priced.

Millie is so friendly, professional and puts you at ease straight away. The whole environment is very relaxing. I will continue to use Skinfirst on a regular basis. Thank you so much Millie.

The laser hair removal I’m having will be truly life changing when it’s complete, and my first radio frequency tonight was wonderful – can’t recommend it enough! Lovely staff and premises too, always enjoy my visits.

From the moment I walked through the door Millie put me at ease! The atmosphere is calm and relaxing, Millie is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

The best bit? The laser hair removal is quick, painless and works! Can’t recommend it highly enough!

First visit to SkinFirst, so impressed with my facial by Izzy.

So relaxing, lovely welcome. Thank you x

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