Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

Posted on: August 28th, 2015 by Catherine Catto

New Product Launch

We are delighted to announce our new Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion system, which is available both as a treatment at our own salon and to purchase for use within your salon, spa, or medical practice.

Diamond tip microdermabrasion is beneficial for everyone in that it stimulates cell renewal. The diamond tip offers a more gentle approach to treatment, with the same results, as more traditional crystal dermabrasion, which can be too harsh for some skin types and even result in thread veins. With our system you are able to safely treat more delicate areas. Diamond tip microdermabrasion aids lymphatic drainage, helping to combat oedema, dark circles, puffiness, dull lifeless skin, congested skin and lines and wrinkles.

Unlike crystal dermabrasion, diamond tip does not clog up the machine, and so the challenges regarding maintenance which are often experienced with more traditional machines are eliminated.

Our systems have a number of additional features. One of these is thermotherapy, which replaces steam as a method to open the pores and prepare the skin, encouraging circulation to the area. This is an excellent and relaxing feature for use prior to both face and body treatments.

Within the same machine there is a Microcurrent attachment. Microcurrent, traditionally used in the medical industry for conditions such as bell’s palsy and strokes, has been adapted for the beauty industry and been in common and popular usage in this arena for over 20 years. It can be undertaken as a single treatment, although, as is often the case, best results are seen after a course of treatments. Although it does assist with lines and wrinkles the prime function of the technology is to re-educate the muscles.

In addition the machine has Ultrasound. Ultrasound is used in many forms, both within the beauty industry, and in the medical profession. Ultrasound vibrates between 1-3 MHz, stimulating the skin to help promote the circulation and bring the nutrients within the blood supply to the surface of the skin, whilst also assisting with product infusion. It also aids collagen stimulation, giving a fresher skin appearance and helping the overall wellbeing of the skin.

The LED light therapy within the system has a range of wavelengths to gently treat eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, and other inflammatory skin conditions, to bring about healing over a course of treatments. We combine this with our more penetrative MPL® technology for acne, or rosacea.

Finally we are able to use Cryotherapy as a soothing application to conclude. This closes the pores, ready for surface product application. Serums and more penetrative products would be applied beforehand.

For the month of September we have a special offer whereby the Diamond Deluxe 6 system is available to purchase, for all of our existing machine clients, at a 20% discount. The discount is available to all new clients also purchasing another system. For those who are looking for a treatment, we can offer a complementary upgrade from the standard microdermabrasion treatment, to one incorporation thermotherapy, cryotherapy, microcurrent, and ultrasound.

If you are interested in this technology, or indeed any of our other treatments or systems, we would love to work with you, to help you to be the very best you can.

Please call us on 01925 446688. We are open until 8pm Monday to Thursday, and 5.30pm on Friday and Saturday. Or email us at contact@www.skinfirst.co.uk

Warm wishes

The SkinFirst Team