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Posted on: November 10th, 2015 by Catherine Catto

SkinFirst have been leaders in non-invasive aesthetic systems, in the UK, for the last 8 years. We have been offering advanced technology that other companies are only just embracing now, for many years.

We sell to beauty therapists, medical practitioners and spa operators. Our systems are very popular with both clients receiving treatments at our headquarters in Cheshire, and therapists, doctors and nurses, administering treatments around the UK and beyond, due to some unique features that are not evident in many other aesthetic devices.

Specifically, we have always aimed to achieve the most results driven treatments as safely and comfortably as possible. Our strapline is ‘the gentler way to hold back time’ and this philosophy ensures that both client and therapist feels relaxed and confident.

Physical and mental wellbeing are undoubtedly entwined and it is exciting to see that has now been so widely accepted and embraced. Within that space, it has also been recognised that physical appearance as well as physical fitness contribute significantly to self-esteem, and confidence, all of which improve mental health and happiness.

It has been the case, throughout the ages, that we have sought to enhance our attractiveness to acquire popularity, mates and to feel good about ourselves; but more so than ever before, in this current media driven and celebrity culture society, clients are seeking results driven treatments.  

The non-invasive aesthetics industry has progressed dramatically in recent years, as research and development has responded to the consumer demand; and we are now able to confidently offer safe, comfortable and highly effective rejuvenating treatments, which sit perfectly alongside the most escapist and enjoyable spa menu (and indeed compete in terms of the relaxation experience). Clients can receive an aesthetic treatment, with amazing results, which will leave them feeling not only relaxed and rested, but with the satisfaction of seeing visible improvements to face and body. This can be achieved even after one treatment in the case of some technologies such as Radio Frequency, although a course is recommended for best longer term results.

Advanced IPL/laser and skin rejuvenating treatments, including tightening and lifting and contouring, are our areas of specialism and our technology is the latest and safest on the market with advantages over both pure laser (it is safer and more comfortable and can provide a wider range of treatments) and IPL (we can treat darker skin types and fairer hair, and again it is safer and more comfortable), due to the inclusion of radio frequency. There is an explanation of this on our website at the following link:

SkinFirst are owners of the registered trademark MPL® (Multi Pulsed Light) which is an advance on IPL, and in addition has Radio Frequency, as illustrated in the link above. We also offer Radio Frequency as a standalone technology for skin tightening and lifting and for body treatments. Our Radio Frequency delivery is more comfortable than any other we are aware of in the market, and includes both  bipolar RF for face, neck, eyes, décolletage etc. as well as monopolar for body and cellulite (nearly all other companies only have one type).

If you would like to see some of more recent before and after treatments, or would like to book in for a treatment, or are interested in purchasing or leasing a system, then we would love to hear from you.

Please either email us at or phone us on 01925 446688.

The SkinFirst Team