Everyone’s a Winner

Posted on: November 3rd, 2015 by Catherine Catto

We all pose and respond regularly to the perennial questions – How is life?’ or ‘How is work?’ when we bump into people we haven’t seen for a while. We usually respond with a generic answer which reflects the overall perception of things at that point in time for us. So we will often say: ‘Oh, busy, busy’, or ‘Hectic, as usual’. Sometimes it could be at the other end of the scale, such as ‘Nothing much going on’, or somewhere in between, like: ‘Same old, same old’ or ‘You know, plodding away’. What would you like your response to be, to reflect your state of mind in relation to life or work?

How about: ‘Life is amazing. I love work. My customers are recommending me to everyone they are so delighted with what I deliver. I don’t work crazy hours, but I earn great money, and feel so professionally satisfied to be helping others so much. I also have time and money to meet friends regularly, have massages, and chat with my children, feeling relaxed and attentive, rather than stressed and with no time to listen properly. I eat out at new and favourite places each week; and well, yes, life couldn’t be better. I don’t have time to do social media I’m afraid, so tell me how is your life?

You may not want to make friends envious so this is undoubtedly an exaggerated version of what you would say, but nevertheless in line with what you could be thinking. If you want life to be more amazing, it is critical to assess HOW you are spending your time earning, and to think about working smarter rather than harder.

Busy at work does not necessarily mean productive or profitable. It can simply result in you being too tired and depleted to fully enjoy or appreciate life.

SkinFirst are offering an amazing training course this coming Monday 9th November at the very beautiful Home House Private Members Club in Portman Square London. If you want to get your life on track in so many ways this could be the event for you. It will be in relation to offering Radio Frequency as a treatment either in a salon, medical or mobile setting; but there will be so much more than technical information delivered. We will be looking at commercial aspects, how to achieve the best results and happy clients and how to promote your business such that there can be no other outcome than Win/Win for you and your customers.

If you are thinking that you can’t afford the time or the cost (which is very modest) to attend, we would maintain that most people can’t afford not to. This could be a life changer.

See the link below and call on 01925 446688 or email on contact@www.skinfirst.co.uk us to book your place immediately as time is running out. We are taking bookings all this week.


We would love to help make your life better.

The SkinFirst Team.