‘Hey – you’re on!’

Posted on: August 7th, 2012 by Catherine Catto

I spend far too much time thinking about ‘the world, the universe, creation, what’s it all about….. and all that kind of stuff.

This morning, lying in bed, that is what is on my mind. Futile, I recognise, as who has ever arrived at a definitive answer based on anything other than faith? Science doesn’t provide the answers to the most important questions, and history has shown us that ‘science’ has also been frequently disproven in the light of new knowledge. So when I listen to the compelling Brian Cox, I still question how he can be so sure in relation to our deductions and inferences about what happened billions of years ago and what will happen in millions to come (when we can’t even get the weather forecast right!). They are based on so many assumptions and fragments of ‘evidence’ that there still exists within me that basic human quest for conclusivity and certainty.

Perhaps my catholic upbringing, which hammered home to me that I should just ‘have faith’, influenced my desire for facts (or at least overwhelming probability), but I remain unconvinced about some key issues surrounding the missing evolutionary link and significance of the human race in the scheme of the universe and beyond. But what I do know, for sure, is that we have a limited time slot on earth, in this life…..and that time is now!

When I am drifting from one day to the next, caught up in minutiae and petty issues, I sometimes visualise my ‘on stage’ moment. This is where I am (and each one of us in turn) pushed from behind by someone, in the wings of a theatre stage, into full view of the audience; and I have a tiny window of opportunity to do something, before my time has gone. In the infinitesimal context of time as we know it, our appearance on earth is gone in a click of a finger. I imagine I have been waiting in the wings for billions of years, and suddenly someone has pushed me out to live for a short period before I am gone forever, and that period is now. My chance to make the most of everything.

This is why I appraise so often what life may be about, where I am going, how I can learn from my past decisions and actions, and what I want to achieve whilst I am here.

Work life is the biggest consumer of our most precious commodity – time. It is crucial to feel enthused, motivated, and challenged at work, and to have an ultimate sense of purpose. Within my business, SkinFirst Systems, not only do I have my own aspirations for success as I define it, which drive me and sustain me through many challenges; but I feel passionate about supporting others who have the same mentality. So, whenever we sell a machine, we stay in contact with our customers to help them, where we can, achieve their business goals.

Financial success is one goal, but success in the realm of human endeavour and development is the more important one.

If you are drifting and unfulfilled, but scared of change, think carefully and remember how short life is – and remember the advice: ‘carpe diem’ (seize the day) is as relevant today as when it was coined in Latin.


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