Men can’t get enough of us….

Posted on: August 15th, 2012 by Catherine Catto

Men just love what we can do for them…

Most of us are aware that the male grooming market has been growing and is propelling ever forwards  at a high rate of acceleration. Where the final destination is, or whether it will catch up with the female market and how quickly, is a matter still for speculation and projection.

At SkinFirst we know that we have seen our client profile change from a ratio of 88:12 women to men, to 66:34 women to men in less than 2 years, which is quite some growth for the male market considering that the female base has also grown rapidly.  This is also despite the fact that our marketing materials have been heavily geared to the female sector. So, the male uptake could have been even higher had we not put out this bias. So we are now addressing this and recognising that men are taking an unashamed pride in their appearance, and recognise the fact that confidence and advantages in life can result from looking and feeling their very best.

Our main market for men is still hair removal, particularly on the back and shoulders; although this is now closely followed by treatments for acne, thread veins and rosacea. We have clients ranging from Barristers to Bricklayers  for facial skin imperfections. Lawyers and Accountants are in a face to face profession and they want their window of communication to be one that enhances their image and doesn’t distract from their offering. So they don’t want people looking at their spots or thinking their red face indicates embarrassment or lack of confidence. Other clients who have an outdoor occupation are particularly susceptible to environmental hazards such as sun and wind, and consequently they have a higher than average amount of skin damage. Then, of course, there are the many men who, like women, simply want to stay looking as young as they can as long as they can, for all the obvious reasons; and who are now aware that current day technology can assist them in this: effectively, painlessly. conveniently, and affordably.

SkinFirst technology has an incredible choice of treatments that can be performed within one machine. It is particularly good for hair removal (including on darker skin types), acne, and skin tightening and lifting. It not only has radio frequency in with the light, making it particularly safe, comfortable and efficacious, but it also has separate monopolar and bipolar radio frequency, which is great for slack skin on the face and body. Men are loyal customers and they don’t like to go to different salons for different treatments. They like to stay with someone they know and trust. This makes the SkinFirst machine particularly suitable for the male market, as everything from removal of blemishes and hair, to rejuvenation of the most advanced form, is within the one machine.

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