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Radio Frequency, IPL, MPL, and Laser: Training and Treatments

Posted on: September 16th, 2015 by Catherine Catto

We are finishing our 3 day training course today in Cheshire.

The 3 days have covered all aspects of light and heat based treatments. We have explained in great detail, yet in comprehensible terms, the differences between the technologies on the market for hair removal, acne, thread veins, pigmentation, and skin rejuvenation. There have been practicals as well as valuable theory.

Today we are covering skin tightening and lifting for the face and body, including cellulite and how to tackle those stubborn areas like smoker’s lines, crow’s feet, and a slack jaw line – all in comfort, as we are proponents of safe and non-invasive technology.

We will be running a training course on Radio Frequency in London (at the fabulous private members club, Home House, our ‘home from home’) in Portman Square, on Monday 9th November, which is sure to be a sell out, so please contact us if you would like to attend that.

In the meantime we will be running another training course in Cheshire, in October, and are busy providing personalised on-site training for many of our new and existing clients.

In fact, so busy are we, that for the first time in many years, we are not going to attend the forthcoming beauty shows. As leading suppliers of the latest and safest equipment for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and skin tightening and lifting, there are 3 prime reasons for not attending the beauty shows:

• Commercially they are not good value for money, in relation to other methods of reaching our clients

• We are unable to demonstrate our systems properly as it is not permissible to emit light from the machines at any of the shows, due to health and safety. So, given that all IPL and laser systems are about firing light, then none of these systems can be shown in operation.

• More importantly, we are not in favour of the concept of purchasing at events such as these, where there are pressure tactics and sales ploys (not from us we hasten to add), and the dissemination of a vast array of information which is hard to digest and dissect immediately. This results in a low likelihood that an accurate decision can be made, in relation to a large investment, as rarely will things be comparable on a ‘like for like’ basis.

Of course, at the shows, it is great to network (and we will be doing that) and to attend seminars, and purchase less significant items, but as far as an investment into technology which could make or break your business is concerned, then we believe you should be deciding that in a measured and less frenetic environment. Act in haste and repent at leisure as they say!

So as an alternative, we have decided to hold our own ‘open day’ where we can demonstrate all of our systems and provide special offers, at our premises, shortly after the show. You can have a treatment, we can talk without distraction, and we will have several therapists on hand to answer all of your queries. By all means gather all of your information and then come to see us, so that we can clarify, in as unbiased a way as possible (as we will not sell you an inappropriate system – our reputation is too valuable for that), what would best serve your own needs, clients and aspirations.

At SkinFirst, we do more than sell you an advanced hair removal or skin rejuvenation machine, we get under the skin of what you are aiming for, and help you to get there.

We also provide treatments in our Warrington HQ and we feel as passionately about helping all of our clients achieve their goals either personally in terms of self-confidence by improving their appearance, and corporately, by helping our machine customers to do the same for their clients.

We would love to see you soon, either at one of our events, or to provide a treatment, so please call 01925 446688 or email