Rejuvapen NXT Treatments; now available at SkinFirst

Posted on: November 19th, 2019 by Millie Walker

Here at SkinFirst we are always researching and looking at new ways we can keep up with the latest technology; to offer the most advanced treatments to our clients.

Our newest treatment addition is the ‘rejuvapen NXT’. The rejuvapen is a much more advanced and effective method of skin needling (a treatment we have been doing for years), but why?

Pen devices have a built in motorised system meaning they can penetrate the skin from up to 100 times per second; the rejuvapen NXT also has 9 adjustable separate speed settings – the derma roller can not be adjusted. The pen devices also penetrate the skin vertically where as the rollers are used at an angle which can cause tears in the skin, meaning a longer downtime and recovery period. The rejuvapen allows for the needle depth to be adjusted during the treatment making it much more customised to the client, derma rollers can only reach a single depth. Finally the device is much smaller and precise allowing the therapist to target more difficult areas such as the upper lip and nose.

This treatment can help a range of skin concerns including; acne scarring, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores; fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin tone. The rejuvapen can be used in combination with other treatments including skin peels and radio frequency skin tightening- depending on your skin type and concern.

If you would like to book in for a free of charge consultation please email or you can call us on 01925 446688 (Warrington clinic) or 0161 9800801 (Halebarns)

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our Offers page as we have a 15% discount on this treatment throughout the whole of November!

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