• Maxi Plus

    The Maxi Plus is our most popular machine as it does the full range of treatments whilst remaining very competitively priced. It offers permanent hair reduction, acne, pigmentation, thread veins, rosacea, rejuvenation and the option to add tightening and lifting. It has both MPL® technology and radio frequency.

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  • Super MPL® Combi

    The Super MPL® Combi is a free standing version of the Maxi Plus for those looking for a tall sleek piece of equipment. In other respects the two offer the same features and it can treat for hair removal and all the other light based skin conditions, along with the option to add skin tightening and lifting.

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  • bodycurve_thumbnail_300

    BodyCurve Deluxe

    The BodyCurve Deluxe cannot be beaten for safe and effective body contouring. It has monopolar RF, infra red, vacuum and suction with the option to use any in combination or individually. Although predominantly a system for the body it can also be used on the face.

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  • Ultimate Dual RF

    The Ultimate Dual RF is lightweight and portable for ease of use, yet still has both bipolar and monopolar radio frequency for the full range of skin tightening and lifting treatments. This is for you if you already offer laser/IPL and want a state of the art facial treatment with long lasting results. It can sit alongside more superficial treatments which stimulate the muscles like microcurrent.

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  • Diamond Ultra

    The Diamond Ultra is a diamond tip microdermabrasion machine that also offers ultrasound, microcurrent, LED and hot and cold hammers for product infusion and soothing. It offers excellent value for money and is a basic for every salon for all skin types and for multi functions.

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  • H²Oxygen Machine

    The H²Oxygen machine is a fantastic addition for any salon. It can be used as an accompaniment to any facial, peel or laser based treatment, or as a standalone solution to deep cleanse and oxygenate any skin type, especially dehydrated and problematic skin.

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