We just can’t keep our staff!!

Posted on: August 20th, 2012 by Catherine Catto

As a young, rapidly growing company, at SkinFirst Systems we rely heavily on our excellent and capable team members to support the beauty therapists and medical practitioners who purchase and rent our machines. But, the challenge we face is that the machines are so good that our therapists want to own their own, and set up their own aesthetic businesses.

Our latest recruit, who came to us from the largest UK skin clinic, has, within less than 2 months, been so impressed with the results that she has seen, that she has already purchased a machine from us personally, and we have had to rearrange her contract so that she is working for us only part time now! Another employee left us for good to use our machine within her own business, and others have wishfully talked about the desire to do so.

So we have introduced a new incentive, to enable us to retain our most valued staff for as long as possible, but still give them the prospect of being able to benefit from the unique range and calibre of treatments our machines can perform, within their own businesses, at some stage.

We have set a timeline of ownership of a machine based on longevity of service with us, and scored performance. What this means is that we get to retain our employees for an agreed period of time and in return we give them the flexibility to work part-time for us and use one of our systems personally for their own treatments. We would of course prefer to always keep them full time; but what can you do when the product they are working with is so good they have got to have it for themselves? Now I know where Victor Kiam was coming from when he said in the old Remington ads: ‘I was so impressed I bought the company’!

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