Posted on: April 16th, 2013 by Catherine Catto

Here at SkinFirst Systems our business is dedicated to providing the very latest and safest hair removal and anti-ageing equipment. Ageing is something few, if any, of us want to do physically; but the benefits of ageing emotionally and mentally are potentially enormous. Who was it that first declared that youth was wasted on the young? The older you get the more you realise that truth.

Having personally encountered many of life’s lessons – a high proportion since setting up SkinFirst, I am grateful beyond words for the value these have added to my life. I no longer see clouds but only silver linings, and have changed my outlook and consolidated my values. I have come to recognise that life is a personal journey and quest to be the very best we can be; life’s ups and downs are there to serve a purpose and it is how we handle them that determines our eventual fate (and I’m talking about in this world only – who knows about another). When we sit back in that armchair in even older age, will we be happy with the choices we made and the person we became. That person will have evolved according to those choices. We will live out our days with our conscience and either a state of inner contentment and peace or an agitation and sense of dissatisfaction.

What is the relevance of all of this? It is that we cannot separate our personal values and aspirations from our working life and values. That is why it was such a pleasure this week to receive 2 communications from people looking to buy a laser based machine, who were coming to us because they had heard that we were a company who operated according to high ethics: a company who were not there just to sell something and then move on, but who operated according to a greater sense of responsibility – treating clients in a way that we feel is morally sound and as we would wish to be treated – well past the point of sale.

I don’t know where these people heard this about us but it cemented and brought to the surface a reality that we knew instinctively as a team, and which we recognise and now intend to embrace even more objectively and proactively in our operations. We want people to come to us because of who we are and the service we provide; not just because our equipment is the best. This is what brings a real smile and sense of job satisfaction to each of us, and will enable us at the end of our working lives to feel confident that we did our very best.

We recognise that for many people investing in aesthetic technology is a significant commitment, and we are there to support and validate that decision.

If you would like to attend an information and training day, or wish to request a demo, or have any questions whatsoever, we look forward to helping you make the right choices in life.

The SkinFirst Team
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