Why choose SkinFirst?

Posted on: June 25th, 2018 by Millie Walker


Why SkinFirst Advanced MPL Technology for treatments, instead of IPL?

SkinFirst have been market leaders in the UK for many years in relation to light and heat based technology for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and lifting and hair removal.

Our technology surpasses that of traditional IPL and Laser in key important areas, and for this reason we registered our trademark MPL (multi pulsed light) over 10 years ago; and have successfully defended this against one of the largest manufacturers who tried to use it.

Not only that but we have trained thousands of individuals in the UK and abroad in the technology which is an advance on traditional IPL, and has huge benefits in relation to single beam laser technology. If you want to find out more then please come in for a no obligation chat. But below are some of the benefits of using MPL:

  1. Due to the inclusion of heat inducing radio frequency as well as the light source, we can treat darker skin types successfully and comfortably, in relation to IPL
  2. As a result of the ability to control the settings of our technology more specifically than many other systems with not only a wide range of pulses and time delays but also sub pulses and sub delays, we can treat in a very bespoke manner, obtaining maximum treatment outcomes without compromising comfort or taking risks.
  3. The method of targeting our treatment areas for all of our light based technologies ensures that we can offer more options and a safer, more comfortable experience than traditional single beam laser systems. This includes for hair removal, acne, thread veins, pigmentation, and general photo rejuvenation.
  4. Because we use radio frequency in conjunction with our MPL technology, then not only do we successfully ameliorate or eliminate our clients’ skin concerns, but we also ensure that the skin condition benefits. This is because each treatment has intrinsically a component of rejuvenation within the application; even hair removal.
  5. SkinFirst are consulted on a regular basis by practitioners across the Country, for advice on how to treat clients optimally for hair removal, skin tightening and lifting, and much more, because we have run accredited courses for over 10 years on these areas, and have trained the trainers in many companies.
  6. SkinFirst have trained doctors, dentists, dermatologists, nurses, practitioners and therapists for over 10 years. We have now decided to concentrate on offering the treatments (which we have always done in tandem) exclusively.
  7. We have our head office in Warrington; but we are also operating now in Hale and Alderley Edge and looking to move into new territories, especially in relation to our Dual RF skin tightening technology which is market leading and second to none in it’s field, and which we have been offering in the UK well before most people had heard of it. We have perfected the technology and application over the years so that now we have never had a client say they have experienced a better treatment elsewhere. Clients even fall asleep during treatment, waking up looking younger than ever. Now that has got to be a winning formula!


We look forward to welcoming you to our premises and to helping you to feel confident and happy in your self.

Please call 01925 446688 or message us via one of our social media channels or email contact@skinfirst.co.uk.