Why SkinFirst?

Posted on: August 18th, 2014 by Catherine Catto

SkinFirst are leading UK suppliers of machines for Laser, IPL, Radio Frequency and Skin Rejuvenation. Our systems offer safe, advanced and highly effective treatments for hair removal, skin tightening and lifting, acne, and body contouring, amongst other conditions and concerns. In addition to selling machines and providing training, we offer treatments to our local community. This gives us an advantage, in relation to our competitors, in that we are performing, on a daily basis, those treatments in which we train others, around the Country and Internationally. So we are in a unique position to be able to offer support, every step of the way, from an experienced user vantage point.

SkinFirst operate therefore in two arenas – B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business); each assisting us in our services and offering to the other. When we sell a machine for laser based hair removal using our MPL® (Multi-Pulsed Light) technology, combined with radio frequency, we are not only providing the sale of a product along with training, but we are facilitating the development of a business, similar in most cases to our own B2C model. We have adverts, posters, A board signs, pull-up internal banners and other marketing materials, which we have built up from our many years of trading and which are available for you to tap into. We always have an experienced therapist at the end of a phone line, who is also treating clients daily as you will be, when you purchase or lease one of our systems. This constant, reliable and knowledgeable support structure is one of the most valuable aspects of buying from SkinFirst.

SkinFirst have in-house engineers and we strive to constantly ensure our equipment is comfortable, safe and effective, keeping ahead of the game, as far as aesthetic technology is concerned.

However, many people who engage with SkinFirst do so because we care about our customers, and we want to help all of our clients achieve their goals. With our treatment clients, we work to ensure that we build confidence and self-esteem by improving those aspects of their physical appearance that they are most concerned about, with an attitude of genuine empathy and desire to do our very best. With our machine sales clients we ensure that we are there way beyond the point of sale. This protects our reputation and often results in recommendations to others, but mostly our motive is to ensure our machine clients are able to take their own business forward confidently and with commercial success, knowing that they are not alone in this pursuit. At SkinFirst we know why we are in business and we know what we want to achieve. We know that we are here to help you to achieve your goals and that is how we will achieve ours.

We don’t engage in talking negatively about our competitors; we try always to be professional and to keep our own house in order, and we feel that our commitment and adherence to our values is what ensures that we continue to grow significantly year on year.

We hope that we can help to show you how we are different at SkinFirst.

We welcome you to call us on 01925 446688 or email at contact@www.skinfirst.co.uk